A token of quality

Tabashop being a Habanos Specialist certified official reseller and a Davidoff agent for many years, we are happy to offer you the most prestigious brands that have made the fame of places like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. But the world of cigars hides places and secrets tha only the most discering collectors know of. If you have any questions, Yann Monbaron will happily advise you and share his favourite cigars.

Why buy at Tabashop ?

Thank to our network of loyal partners, we are able to offer you exclusivities and rarities tha are certified authentic and that you will find nowhere else. As a Habanos Specialist, we commit to providing you the latest novelties at least one month before any other reseller. And as at Tabashop the quality of the products we offer is essential, we avoid any axcess transport at importaion. We also make sure ou cigars are stocked in Habanos authorized warehouses before arriving in our Montreux shop.

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